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As many of you know, my mother passed away to Leukemia in 2013. She was absolutely a woman of wonder and has inspired me to pursue a life and art path with greater purpose. For me, that is painting for positive change.


In honour of my mom, I am delighted to present my first solo art art show and fundraiser titled Women of Wonder

featuring a collection of 16 oil paintings celebrating the "wow" factor of women doing incredible things in their personal life, community and career. 


The creation of this series has served as an opportunity to see my passion for art collide with my passion to paint for positive change. It’s been a beautiful process to transform the issues and messages that are important into something tangible that can be shared. WOW has created a physical platform to share stories and signifies how we are part of a bigger movement of women lifting each other up and supporting one another. Symbolically this movement is represented by the round surface of each painting. A circle has no end and no beginning but rather a link to all the generations of women who have held and steered their own wheel of wonder. The round surface embodies the great circle of women we have in our lives. Women who are resilient and strong, have beautiful curves, are well-rounded, have infinite dreams and possibilities and women that are making the world go round.

Women of Wonder are everywhere and as my way of painting for positive change, I hope this collection encourages you to celebrate the incredible women in your life and give back to those who need a little help in chasing their dreams.

As a way to build community and bring hope, I am donating 10% of the proceeds to The High Banks Society. The charity is focused around helping young mothers receive education, affordable housing, food security and a place to learn and grow. My mom was such a vital part of my upbringing and developing me into the person I am today. So I felt it was important to pick a charity that focuses on creating opportunities for mothers too.

You may have noticed as well, that none of the faces in these paintings are fully revealed. That was intentionally done so that as you look into the painting, you may see that women of wonder in your life. Perhaps that was your mom, daughter, sister, grandmother, friend, aunty, or colleague. Or maybe that woman of wonder is you.

2019 Women of Wonder Collection
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