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Hi, I’m Stephanie! 

I create large, vibrant oil paintings celebrating memories that are treasured for generations. I also paint for positive change right here in Calgary.

My style is best described by large, distinctive brushstrokes on large-scale canvases as a way to express the larger-than-life feeling I get from the beauty that surrounds us.

I was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta and my life has been full of very happy memories. I have been fortunate to be surrounded with love from my wonderful family, friends, my very handsome husband and daughter.

In 2013, my life drastically changed when my mom was diagnosed with Luekemia and died after a very short period.  She taught me that our time here is short and through her example, to live a simple and happy life.  Truly an inspiration, my mom gave me the courage and strength to pursue a life and art path with greater purpose.

In her honour, my three sisters and I created The Sky Painters. Together we interviewed 56 families who had been impacted by cancer which inspired the creation of 56 paintings of hope. On June 8th, 2016 we hosted The Skies of Hope Art Auction and Gala where we auctioned the paintings and raised over $200 000 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada.

Through The Sky Painters, I learned the deep impact my paintings could have on people. I realized my art could create positive change.


It's a beautiful feeling to know that one of my paintings can bring such happiness hanging in a home. Whether painted to capture a family trip, a special place, an anniversary or a loved one, it is something a family sees and appreciates through every day.


Through my paintings I continue to honour my mom and paint for positive change. I create treasured memories in paint that add beauty to homes, offices and public spaces.  


Art isn’t just for art’s sake. Art creates emotion. I want people to walk away from my paintings feeling something. Being able to share my purpose through art is a wonderful thing!


If you’d like to capture a memory please visit my commissions page for more details.

Did you know? I also teach online art courses! It gives me so much joy knowing that I can help fuel the creative process in the lives of so many.

If you'd like to take one of my art courses visit my classes page for more information.

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